Energy Nerds Insulation Saves 50%

Norma Weston installed MLI Insulation and a Solar Attic Fan. 

Nerd Feedback


Jenny and Matt C. in Cedar Rapids

Amazing response and amazing job done, in a short amount of time. I have known for awhile that I needed more insulation in the attic. I started to search for insulation companies in the area. I quickly started seeing a pattern with reviews on other companies. All of them were, "called 15 times, never called back", "agreed on a start date but never showed up", "showed up but didn't know what was needed"... I was dreading making any decision on who to call. But then finally a company stood out above all the rest, Energy Nerds. I called Mike and left a message. He called back within an hour and even apologized for not calling back sooner! What?!? I called him on a Friday afternoon, he said he would be out Sunday afternoon and the job was completed by that evening! Truly amazing work done in a short amount of time. Mike and Dustin are great friendly people. Very knowledge in cutting edge technology to help you save money with energy costs. Mike is well informed so if you have any other energy saving needs, please talk with him. I would not hesitate to hire them again. Truly a pleasure to work with.


Jessie S. in Cedar Rapids

We are just starting to discuss but I'm happy with how I feel about being informed and listened to. I understand the what and whys of his recommendations. Understanding and feeling comfortable with what is to be done at our new home is a big relief.

Aug 6, 2018

Paul J. in Des Moines

These guys are great! They offer a full service energy audit of your home and saved me money on my bills! Thank you Nerds!!

Jan 22, 2018

Cecillia N. in Cedar Rapids

Energy Nerds service was good & their BetterAir Biodify air purifier works putting probiotics in the air for better breathing & better health!  I first used the small one by my bed & then went to the whole house one.  I am 80 years young.  I had a croaky voice for months which caused me concern.  I wouldn't want to be without it.  I feel blessed!  Cecilia Neis


Charles S. in Elmwood Park Illinois

The owner was extremely professional and helpful. He explained alternative methods of 

accomplishing what I was interested in doing and ended up saving me a lot of time and money. Would 



Bill B. in Burlington

 It went well. They good a job. 

September  12th 2018

Linda S. in Burlington

It was really, really good! They did a very professional job. I had lost my little diamond ring and one 

of the installers actually found it in my driveway and brought it up to me!


Norma W. in Cedar Rapids

It went great. They service customers very well. The products work great too!


Wayne Z. in Burlington

The job went really well. They were very professional and got the job done on time.


Future of Insulation History Channel Clip

The History Channel covers the use of MLI or Multi Layer Insulation on the International Space Station

Leonard Sholes Story

Leonard Sholes story of how he installed heat reflective insulation and did his own experimentation while our installers were working at his home. 

Invisaflects Helps Dale Jensen cut his bills in half

Dale Jensen from Newton Iowa installed Invisaflects, reflective insulation, solar ventilation and LED lighting which resulted in a 50% reduction in his energy  bills. 

Carlin Stover Story

Carlin Stover installed Invisaflects and Multi Layer Reflective insulation in his cape cod style home and transformed the living conditions. 

Jim and Lois Vertz Story

Jim and Lois installed Multi layer Insulation in their home and later purchased the house next door for a rental, which is nearly identical.  What they discovered was the their home was more than 70 dollars less to heat than the home next door. They ended up insulating the rental as well. 

Lula LaPointe MLI reflective insulation

Lula LaPointe of Gaineville Texas experienced a 50% savings from installing reflective insulation over her traditional insulation.